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ThreadATL Podcast

Dec 1, 2023

Sometimes folks will be 'on board' with having great new transportation routes in their neighborhood like bike lanes or wider sidewalks, but they don't want new apartments or duplexes nearby, or they may be fine with new population density but will oppose bike lanes becuase they fear a 'traffic nightmare' if...

Oct 22, 2023

We talk with Aiya from Atlanta Bike Grid about the state of bike lanes and safer streets in Atlanta, and we mourn the loss of the Peachtree Shared Space project. What will it take to see the bold advances we need for Vision Zero road deaths and a connected bike grid here? It may require new leadership, says...

Oct 9, 2023

We talk with national transit expert Jerome A. Horne about what Atlantans can expect to see in the future with our public transit services, from MARTA's upcoming Bus Rapid Transit lines to its new rail cars with open gangways. Horne also addresses the tricky subject of freight rail companies and whether they'll ever...

Sep 30, 2023

We talk with Steve Davis from Smart Growth America about their Divided By Design report, which focuses in part on the damage that freeways like I-20 did to Atlanta neighborhoods, why it happened, and what a better future could look like.